Moving from Toronto to Oakville

Moving between Toronto and Oakville?

We are happy to help, and we are here to make your move a SmartMove!

This is a 40-50 kilometers trip, which in average takes between 40 minutes to 50 minutes.

By the way In 2020 — Oakville became again – the richest little town in Canada.
Its extremely important to have the right preparation for a trip like this. We are here to help you:

  • Make sure to book the right day and time for you move: Consider the weather, holidays, and of course, do not forget about traffic jams.
  • Take measurements in advance of your oversize items and all the hallways, aisles, entrances, tight turns, and staircases to make sure nothing will get stuck!
  • Measurements must be taken at the new address, but you should not forget your current location. You may need to prepare or disassemble furniture; however, our professional staff will be gladly to help you.
  • Book elevator service if needed, pack your valuables and documents, and prepare a list of things need to be transported

Step by step process

Leave a request on the site or call us.
Our management team will contact you for details.
We carefully note any details and specifications about your order.
Our team arrives always on time to pick up your items.
We deliver your items at your new address.
You make payment with satisfaction.

Why you should choose us

100% Care - Your items get transported with high quality equipment and our professionally trained staff.
Professionally packed - We pack & wrap your goods to the best condition.
Guaranteed Safety - We make sure your items are carefully pack, stack and strapped in our secure storage units.
Reliable - Because we are customer satisfaction driven, you only need to think about your own tasks
Convenient - If you choose to store your items in our facility, you can have your furniture arrive whenever and wherever you need it.
Cost effective - Competitive rates, high quality, fast, and efficient service.

After moving to Oakville from Toronto or vice versa, you still have a lot of work ahead of you, unpacking and arranging things, assemble furniture, collecting and packing garbage.

Observe the correct unloading of items and first lay the carpets, and then assemble the furniture, it will help you be more time efficient.