What NOT to Pack When Moving

We often receive relocation requests in which we do turnkey packaging, where all the work from start to finish is done by our staff. Starting from the packaging of dishes, bed linen and small things, ending with the disassembly and packaging of furniture and electronics. But even in these cases, there are certain things that we DO NOT pack during the move.

Here are the things that we can not touch or pack:

1. Important Personal Documentation: All important documents, passports, birth certificates, driver’s licenses, and documents with your personal data, property documents, important work files or bank documents.

2. Jewelry: You must transport all your rings, chains, diamonds, jewelry by yourself.

3. Money: Do not leave money notes, coins, or any type of currency. This should be put in a safe place by yourself and transported to the new location by the customer.

4. Personal Valuables or Sentimental Important Items: These are the items that might not be of much monetary worth, but that are important to you. These should be transported by yourself.

6. Live House Plants: We advise customers they move houseplants by themselves, but if requested we could move them for you.

7. Medication or Drugs: Any prescribed medications or pills should be transported by the customer to the new location.

The below are some helpful advice and guidelines to protect your most precious items and make your move as easy and stress free as possible!

Make a SmartMove by packing smart!