Hoist Services

Moving large oversize furniture is a common problem in old buildings or buildings with small elevators and narrow staircases.

The trickiest items are 3-seater sofas, large dinning tables, king size beds and patio umbrellas.

If you feel that your items could not fit, or you think you might have some difficulties with caring it through the stairs, its better to call us so we can take pre-measurements.

If we do not take premeasurements, and we attempt to move the item and it gets stuck in the elevator or stairs, this will cause delays which might cause to extend the move to the next day which will lead to additional cost.

For your move to go as efficiently as possible, we perform our hoist services at the beginning of the move, all smaller items get move on the elevator after we are done with the oversize items.
In addition, we always advise you to provide detailed information about moving, dates, address, and complete list of items before the move date. This will help us and you to create optimal conditions for an effective move.

(photo description) We do the pre-measurement of your items, disassemble the item if necessary, put protective packing on the item and carry it by Hoisting Service on to the second floor. After your item is safely transported by our hoist to the second floor (or third floor), our team will subsequently unpack and install you item.

Hoists options:

Hoist regular with the capacity to lift 662lbs to a height up to 23 feet.

Hoist advanced with the capacity to lift 618lbs to a height up to 26 feet.