Furniture delivery of oversized items

Moving large oversize furniture is a common problem in old buildings with small elevators.

The trickiest items are 3-seater sofas, large dinning tables, king size beds and patio umbrellas.

To prevent such problems and prepare for delivery, its better to take pre-measurement.

If, after taking a pre-measurement, you find that your items do not fit into the elevator, the next option would be to use the stairs. You will be asked to sign a waiver if our movers agree to attempt any non-routine moving request.

SmartMove Solutions policy regarding oversized items/ small entrances:

  1. We take measurements of entrances and curves.
  2. We will attempt to fit furniture by unscrewing the legs and in some cases, we unpack items to try to save some space.
  3. If after the above we can not fit the item into the elevator, we would have to check to see if is possible to use the stairs in your building. If the stairs are not part of emergency fire evacuation plan of the building, then we could arrange to move the item that way (additional charges may apply).

If live in a house, we can provide our outdoor hoist service for up to the 3rd floor.

If you are buying furniture from a store, you most likely will communicate with the salesperson who will provide you with all the dimensions of furniture and advise you on the item condition: If it comes assembled, disassembled, or partially assembled, and what type of packaging it comes in. This will help you to be prepared and successfully receive your delivery.