Winter moving

Looking to save some money on your move?
You should definitely consider planning your move on Winter!
In the moving sector, February and March are historically the least busy months, and you should be able to find the best price during this time!

It is important to consider the risk of the severe weather conditions that can lead to delays on the day of the move. In this article, we show you how to make your winter move a SmartMove.

1. Prepare your driveway and walkways – first you need to remove snow, debris, and any items that will interfere with the parking of the truck or walkway. Snow and ice can create obstacles or a dangerous work environment for movers, which can increase the cost of moving.

2. Apply salt to all the passages and driveways before the arrival of the movers, and at a temperature of -8 and below, you need to use salt with sodium chloride or any ice melt you can find in your local store. Apply salt abundantly enough and at least 30-60 minutes prior your moving appointment, do not wait for them to arrive and start removing the snow for you, this is guaranteed to increase the cost of the service. You need to be sure that by the scheduled time, everything will be ready for safe operation.

Always follow the rules of safe work with a shovel, it is important to be careful on the stairs, beating ice off the steps with a shovel, could cause their damage or even chip

Remember that movers cannot take off their shoes while working as this presents a safety issue. Check if they have put runners to protect your floor during pick up and delivery.

We wish your winter move be a SmartMove!