Tips For Moving Electronics

Once you are done packing all of your personal belongings, took care of the packaging of the porcelain and ceramic items so that it do not break, packed clothes in wardrobe boxes and made sure your documents and money are in a safe place… Then we proceed to the most critical part of the packaging: Packing electronics with all its cords and devices. When planning the packaging of electronics, you may not even suspect the complexity of the process. Now we will tell you some SmartMoves:

Always try to keep the original packaging as we believe that this is better than the classic mover packaging, which will also allow you to make a safe move, but it will be more economical for you.

Try to make a detailed list of all wires and remote controllers for each electrical appliance.

You can use a simple color band system or split any set of cords and remote into a separate box. You need to understand which cords come with which electronics to avoid the daunting mess you might encounter on the day you move.

A SmartMove is to take a photo of connected electronic devices before unplugging and packing them. So, you will not need to look for connection instructions and remember where to connect which cord. This will be helpful for computers, modems, routers, televisions and music systems.

It is important to remember that we do not dismantle TV mounts, nor we drill the walls. For this you will need to contact an electrician or a separate service that checks the walls for internal wiring, this is because the province requires a license for that job.
SmartMove is here to help you with all the Smart packing!